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  • Old Remuna with worn artwork and a long inscription. Initial harmonious complexity followed by deeply moving oscillations Good longevity

    4 1/4" .5 lbs468 HzA# 4

    #4830 $120 Details
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  • Extra thick Thadobati with copper flecks and original patina. Smoothly pulsing primary tone with steady overtone. Great volume off the rim

    5 1/4" 1.3 lbs577 HzD 5

    #2627 $295 Details
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  • Larger Remuna with clear art. Richly textured sound with many notes that move together smoothly. Very good longevity. Incredible rim play

    5 3/4" .8 lbs188 HzF# 3

    #4913 $275 Details
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  • Rare Large Heavy Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with exquisite sound

    Rare extra thick very old large Thadobati. Exquisite combination of a sweet high and rolling bass with a hollow timbre. Smooth leather play.

    8 3/8" 4.3 lbs374 HzF# 4

    #3611 $1,250 Details
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  • Rare Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with high fluttering tone.

    Rare heavy old style bowl Jambati with golden patina. Unusually high 300 Hz 4th octave strike tone. Subtle overtimes compliment the sound.

    9 3/4" 3.0 lbs302 HzD 4

    #1227 $995 Details
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  • Large Jambati with fine hammered texture. Peaceful solid strike tone with well balanced overtones. Longevity and stick play are excellent

    11" 4.7 lbs134 HzC 3

    #1392 $975 Details
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  • Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with deeply pulsing primary tone

    Adorned Jambati with relief artwork and inscription. Powerful pulsing bass with soft overtones. Sustain is very good. Ok leather stick play

    10 7/8" 3.6 lbs157 HzD# 3

    #1291 $650 Details
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  • Sale!

    Extra large extra thick Mani with clear extensive artwork. Pure soundscape with a rapid flutter. Sustain is excellent. Good rim play

    7 1/2" 3.1 lbs607 HzD# 5

    #6126 $495 $425 Details
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  • Sale!

    Extra large thick Mani. Powerful fundamental tone, deep for a Mani. with a strong flutter. Multiple overtones. Good sustain Great rim play

    7 3/4" 3.2 lbs553 HzC# 5

    #6078 $495 $349 Details
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  • Finely Crafted Rare Antique Singing Bowl that rings in place

    Finely crafted heavy unique bowl with prominent markings and a raised center with thick worn circles. Solid soundscape.

    8 3/8" 3.3 lbs286 HzD 4

    #9801 $850 Details
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  • Sale!

    Huge extra-thick old Mani with clear but worn art. Fluttering almost pure primary tone. Lots of power, fair longevity. Good rim play

    7 7/8" 4.0 lbs629 HzD# 5

    #6124 $450 $399 Details
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  • Rare ancient large thick Thadobati ceremonial lingam with exceptional soundscape, longevity and rim play. One of a kind collector's piece

    8 1/8" 3.6 lbs408 HzG# 4

    #3066 $3,600 Details
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  • Antique Manipuri Lingam Singing Bowl with  pulsing low and lingering high

    Thick Manipuri Lingam with clear extensive artwork. Strongly pulsing strike tone with individual highs. Very good sustain. Rim nick.

    5 3/8" .7 lbs360 HzF# 4

    #6714 $375 Details
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  • Antique Trapezoid Singing Bowl with exceptional harmony and simplicity

    Straight sided trapezoidal bowl with 7 clear inner circles. Fluttering strike tone with a solid overtone. Exceptional harmony.

    4 3/4" .9 lbs732 HzF# 5

    #9816 $795 Details
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  • Sale! Small Antique Singing Bowl With Ringer SPECIAL!

    Small Bowl SPECIAL!
    Nice sounding old bowls with a leather wrapped ringing stick. Thadobati or Manipuri style.

    4" .6 lbs

    #9999 $59.95$69.95 Details
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  • 25  Piece Sequential Antique Thadobati Singing bowl Set

    Small Thadobati Set of 25

    Hand assembled set under 6″ chosen to span a range of notes and to sound great together.

    6" 6.0 lbs

    #S9 $2,500 Details
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  • X Large Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with exceptional sound

    Extra large, heavy bright colored Jambati with hammermarks throughout. Three complimentary tones in a smooth long sustaining pattern.

    12 1/2" 6.0 lbs87 HzF 2

    #1153 $2,250 Details
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  • Huge Rare Style Antique Jambati Singing Bowl - 11.5 pounds

    Extremely rare Jambati with impressive power. Incredibly heavy at 11½ pounds, it is of a style often used for ceremonial bowls. Collectors piece.

    14 1/2" 11.5 lbs164 HzE 3

    #1170 $6,000 Details
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  • Rare Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with exceptional high notes.

    Rare heavy old style Jambati bowl. Exceptional soundscape where the fundamental acts as an understory to a suite of high pitched sounds.

    9 7/8" 3.3 lbs237 HzA# 3

    #1216 $975 Details
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  • Classic Jambati smooth to the touch. Fast oscillating overtones and subtle solid bass. Good sustain. Versatile range of tones off the rim

    9 3/4" 2.9 lbs161 HzE 3

    #1239 $475 Details
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  • Thick Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl that looks like molten putty

    Extra thick Thadobati with shiny finish. Wild initial soundscape settles into an evenly oscillating primary tone. Challenging stick bowl.

    5 1/2" 1.1 lbs481 HzB 4

    #2365 $275 Details
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  • Simple Remuna with original patina. Complex soundscape with a softly pulsing alto strike and steady overtones. Good longevity.

    4 1/4" .7 lbs583 HzD 5

    #2394 $85 Details
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  • Well Preserved Triple Circle Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl

    Well preserved triple circle Thadobati with silvery sheen. All the classic features. Sweet strike tone with far higher overtones. Fair sustain.

    4 3/4" 1.1 lbs736 HzF# 5

    #2520 $325 Details
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  • Sale!

    Extra thick Remuna style with very long inscription. Coherent very high strike tone with subtle harmonious overtone. Only fair longevity.

    5 3/8" 1.1 lbs721 HzF# 5

    #2531 $225 $199 Details
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