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  • Medium Antique Singing Bowl With Ringer SPECIAL!

    Singing Bowl SPECIALS!

    Let us Select a bowl for you.

    Really nice sounding old bowls from our extensive stock. Your choice of size, style and ringers. A great way to get started with singing bowls.

    #9996 $59.95$159.95 Details
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  • Nepali Felt Mallets for singing bowls

    Nepali Mallets

    Hand turned wood with large rubber head and soft felt cover

    #Nepal Mallets $12$21 Details
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  • Thick worn Manipuri with double rim. Harmonious mix of complimentary tones whose intensity changes thru the strong sustain. Weak stick play

    5 1/2" .7 lbs344 HzF 4

    #8603 $160 Details
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  • Medium Tibetan Wool Mat

    Medium Tibetan Wool Mat

    Thick vibrantly colored wool.
    3 patterns, Red or Blue

    #Med Mat $12 Details
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  • Thadobati with clear art and creamy patina. Interesting almost unsettling active fluttering and twirling sounds. Good longevity and rim play

    4 7/8" .8 lbs492 HzB 4

    #2464 $95 Details
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  • Musser Medium Blue Cord Mallet

    Musser Precision Cord Mallet
    Long rattan handle for easy play with smaller, midrange bowls.

    #M217 $35 Details
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  • Nepali Ringing Sticks for singing bowls

    Nepali Ringing Sticks

    Hand turned wood with burgundy colored leather wraps.

    #Nepali Ringing Sticks $4$16 Details
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  • Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with deep tone and reverberation

    Bright Jambati with hammermarks. Deep toned thin walled bowl with reverberating, highly complex soundscape. Short sustain. Good leather play

    9 1/8" 2.6 lbs97 HzG 2

    #1152 $435 Details
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  • Small All Purpose Mallet for singing bowls

    Small All Purpose Mallet

    Red yarn covered rubber with thin wooden handle.

    #N127 $16 Details
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  • Antique Mani Singing Bowl with smooth and oscillating tone

    Heavy thick mani with sharp features. The clear main tone has two different moods, steady and oscillating. Good sustain and rim play

    8 1/8" 4.6 lbs603 HzD 5

    #6068 $495 Details
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  • Simple Remuna with original patina. Complex soundscape with a softly pulsing alto strike and steady overtones. Good longevity.

    4 1/4" .7 lbs583 HzD 5

    #2394 $90 Details
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  • Sale!

    Bright brassy colored Manipuri with clear art. Bright and brassy sound with a siren like overtone ending. Good longevity. Not much rim play

    5" .5 lbs292 HzD 4

    #8888 $110 $99 Details
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  • Musser Soft Yellow Cord Mallet

    Musser Precision Cord Mallet
    Long rattan handle for smaller bowls with relatively deep tones.

    #M218 $35 Details
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  • Frank Perry Wands for singing bowls

    Frank Perry Wands

    Special ringers made by the master himself at his shop in the Southern English countryside.

    #FPW $21$48 Details
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  • Sale! Mid-size Antique Singing Bowl With Ringer SPECIAL!

    Mid-size Bowl SPECIAL!
    Nice sounding old bowls diameter with a leather wrapped ringing stick. Thadobati or Manipuri style.

    5" .8 lbsany

    #9998 $79.95$89.95 Details
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  • Antique singing bowl special

    Bigger Bowl SPECIAL!
    Large deeper toned bowls in the Thadobati or Manipuri style. Nice sounding antiques with a leather wrapped ringing stick and optional mallet.

    7" 1.3 lbs

    #9997 $149.95$159.95 Details
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  • Antique Unique Singing Bowl with bright penetrating sound

    Unusual trapezoidal bowl with 7 inner circles. Bright penetrating strike tone with a subtle overtone. Excellent sustain

    4 3/4" 1.0 lbs785 HzG 5

    #9818 $550 Details
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  • Large Tibetan Wool Mat

    Large  Tibetan Wool Mat

    Thick vibrantly colored wool.
    Three different styles.

    #LG Mat $28 Details
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  • Thick Pedestal with clear art and dark patina. Clear strike tone with overtones in the background. Rim plays nicely with good sustain.

    4 1/4" 1.2 lbs698 HzF 5

    #6837 $350 Details
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  • Tingsha from Best Singing Bowls

    Nicest sounding NEW cast Tingsha in Kathmandu. Very solid 3 3/8 diameter.

    #Tingsha $35 Details
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  • Large Thadobati with clear inner circles. Peaceful bass note and lasting overtones. Very good harmony and longevity. Great off the rim

    7 1/2" 1.9 lbs181 HzF# 3

    #3757 $210 Details
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  • Hand Carved Slate

    Hand Carved Slate
    Dorje, OM or Plain
    Himalayan stone carved by artisans in Kathmandu.

    #Slates $12$20 Details
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  • Small Leather Wrapped Ringing Stick for singing bowls

    Small Nepali Ringing Stick
    Hand turned wood with burgundy colored leather wrap.

    #N101 $4 Details
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  • Large circle pattern Thadobati with crushed rim. Very high tone flutter for such a big bowl . Sustain is just ok, rim play very good

    7 3/8" 2.2 lbs319 HzD# 4

    #3859 $325 Details
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