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N110 Small Nepali Mallet for singing bowls

For medium and large bowls

Stained wood handle with red felt

While I call this small it is much larger than any Musser mallet.

Inexpensive coated rubber mallet from Nepal. Individually made, they vary a bit in size and hardness. They do the job of getting sound out of a bowl but they are not like the Musser mallets that can be individually chosen to bring out the best in a bowl.Big mallets lend themselves to getting a rhythm going. As you get to know a bowl you can develop a feel for just the right time to strike it again.

Length: 8 inWidth: 1 3/4 inHeight or Thickness: 1375 in
Weight: 0.7 lbs = 299 grams
Best for use with:
Bowl Size: Medium, Large Bowl Tone: Low 
Item Number: N110

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