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S10 16 Piece Sequential Antique Large Thadobati Singing bowl Set

Hand assembled set  of  large Thadobati bowls over 6 1/2  inches wide, chosen to span a range of notes and to sound great together. This one of a kind set includes old and rare styles with double rim bowls, ancient worn molded rims, circle patterns and extra thick bowls.  It is an incredible set of antique singing bowls spanning a range of sub-styles, ages and states of preservation

It takes time and energy to put something like this together.  You need to start with hundreds of really good bowls and then work the edges of their collective sounds to come up with just the right mix.  There is no bowl in this set that I did not first select over in Asia out of stacks of similar material.  They had to catch my ear individually first. When assembling the set  they had to fit into this harmonious whole.

Attention has been paid to making the intervals between bowls fairly even. You can hear the incredible sound the full 16 make together on the recording. Each bowl is individually labeled with the note and octave as well as their place in the sequence.  The set comes with full statistics for each bowl, dimensions, weight, frequencies, notes and overtones. The labeling is really helpful, makes it easy to lay the bowls out and associate them.

At $3600 the set  costs $225 a bowl. Individually priced, some bowls would be a bit lower than this, most would be higher and some much higher.  Individually priced these bowls would be over $5000.


The set contains:

16 large Thadobati bowls,  range  low 3rd octave to upper middle 4th octave – one single tone sequence

Widest Diameter: 8 inHeight: 36 in
Weight: 6 lbs = 2718 grams
Bowl Number: S10


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