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3732 Large Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with richly textured overtones

Straight walled large Thadobati. The bowl has a large flat bottom , great for tabletop stability, with distinctive inner circles at the outer edge. Distinctive soundscape to go with the distinctive art. It starts with a soft bass then a series of overtones. At the upper end, especially when played with the wood of a massive wand, you hear this richly textured metallic sound that seems to softly penetrate awareness. Really interesting. With overtones at A4, G#5, E6, G#6.

Widest Diameter: 6 3/8 inHeight: 3 1/4 in
Weight: 1.2 lbs = 551 grams
Size: Medium
Overall Thickness: Thin
Bowl Type: Thadobati
Artwork and etching state of preservation -  Exterior: Worn Smooth  Interior: Good
Features: Exceptional, Rare & Distinctive
Musical Note: E 3, Low OctaveApprox Frequency: 160 Hz
Bowl Number: 3732

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