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  • Spectacular very large Thadobati Ceremonial bowl with shiny copper/gold lingam. Complex soundscape with central oscillations.

    8 1/8" 3.2 lbs394 HzG 4

    #3069 $3,600 Details
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  • Antique Buddhist /Bon Medicine bowl for sonic potentiation

    Dark antique Medicine bowl with complex lines and sharp central lingam. Complex strike tone with multiple high frequency overtones.

    9 1/2" 2.5 lbs218 HzA 3

    #9808 $4,800 Details
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  • Rare Antique Ceremonial Singing Bowl with large lingam

    Rare large ceremonial Jambati lingam with peaceful, cleansing sound. Highs and lows work smoothly together and apart

    9 1/2" 2.7 lbs205 HzG# 3

    #1051 $3,750 Details
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  • Sharp Looking Antique Thadobati Lingam Singing Bowl

    Heavy very well preserved ceremonial Thadobati Lingam bowl. Sharp features inside and out. Varying tones with different mallets.

    7 5/8" 2.7 lbs450 HzA 4

    #3068 $2,800 Details
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  • Thick Antique Pedestal Singing Bowl with bright and shiny soundscape

    Large Pedestal with patina. Bright shiny and cheerful soundscape with top notch premium harmony. Longevity is fair. Fine rim play

    6" 1.3 lbs340 HzF 4

    #6805 $475 Details
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  • Thick Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with pleasant fluttering sound

    Rare large Thadobati lingam with clear artwork and rich original patina. Pleasant fluttering soundscape, Sustain is short No rim play.

    8 1/2" 3.2 lbs476 HzA# 4

    #3065 $2,100 Details
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  • Extra-thick Pedestal / Naga with brassy sheen. High primary note with a single clear 7th octave overtone. Short sustain due to thickness.

    4 3/8" .9 lbs794 HzG 5

    #6830 $325 Details
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