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Flawed Beauty

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  • Bright Manipuri with punch circle artwork. Soft soundscape with a low fluttering note. The bowl quiets down quickly. Poor rim play

    5 1/4" .7 lbs282 HzC# 4

    #8706 $140 Details
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  • Incredibly thick large Thadobati. Powerful sound with all that metal vibrating, just a soft tap needed. Subtle flaw. Great rim play

    8" 4.0 lbs339 HzE 4

    #3013 $1,200 Details
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  • Large Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl with deep 2nd octave strike tone

    Bright large Manipuri. Deep second octave strike tone that hums and pulses. Longevity and harmony are good. Fine play with leather

    8 3/8" 1.6 lbs120 HzB 2

    #8784 $350 Details
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  • Overtone heavy Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with well balanced bass

    Large Thadobati with uneven sides. Clear and strong soundscape, overtone heavy with a bit of well balanced bass. Great stick play

    7 1/8" 2.1 lbs214 HzA 3

    #3220 $210 Details
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  • Sale! Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with high yet peaceful and calming sound

    Polished Jambati with a flat bottom and broad rim. Very high Jambati soundscape, nice texture yet peaceful and calming. Great rim play

    10" 3.0 lbs206 HzG# 3

    #1473 $1,095 $999 Details
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  • Sale! Thick Large Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with Harmonious sweet high

    Thick large Thadobati with creamy original patina. Harmonious and sweet rapidly fluttering high with a very good sustain. Fine rim play

    7 1/8" 1.8 lbs312 HzD# 4

    #3486 $325 $275 Details
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