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  • Incredibly thick large Thadobati. Middle range strike tone and a perfect 880 Hz primary overtone. Very good sustain. Spectacular rim play

    8 1/4" 4.2 lbs310 HzD# 4

    #3272 $1,600 Details
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  • Exceptional Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with  excellent longevity

    Worn Jambati with red copper tarnish. Small power packed bowl, many tones with visceral texture. Excellent longevity. Interesting rim play

    8 1/2" 2.0 lbs111 HzA 2

    #1339 $475 Details
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  • Large Thadobati with clear inner circles. Complex and intensely rich frequencies blending well together. Sustain and rim are outstanding

    6 7/8" 1.6 lbs221 HzA 3

    #3807 $425 Details
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  • Very thick, large Thadobati with muted artwork. Powerful sound where all that is needed is a light tap for full volume. Very good sustain.

    7 1/2" 2.6 lbs298 HzD 4

    #3646 $425 Details
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  • Very thick bright Manipuri. Bright and energizing with active singing and fluttering high notes. Very good sustain. Not much rim play

    5 3/4" .8 lbs295 HzD 4

    #8560 $195 Details
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