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  • Extra thick broad rim Thadobati. Dual tone soundscape with a very high softly active fundamental tone. Longevity just ok. Rim play is good

    4 3/4" 1.0 lbs864 HzA 5

    #5074 $425 Details
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  • Extra Thick Antique Mani Singing Bowl with Super high ~1000 Hz tone

    large thick Mani with clear extensive artwork. Super high strike tone almost 1000 Hz that plays with fluttering purity. Short sustain

    7" 3.1 lbs954 HzA# 5

    #6110 $475 Details
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  • Unusual Thick Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with really high tone

    Unusual thick Thadobati with a broad outer facing rim. Sweet, solid and extremely high primary tone quiets quickly. OK wood rim play

    3 7/8" .6 lbs918 HzA# 5

    #9823 $420 Details
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