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  • Tall worn antique Mani Singing Bowl with many tones

    Tall heavy Mani bowl with creamy original patina. Complex initially and then it simplifies. Very good sustain.


    8" 4.6 lbs660 HzE 5

    #6046 $595 Details
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  • Thick broad rim Thadobati. Harmonic soundscape, first the fundamental then an upper 6th octave overtone Good longevity and rim play

    5 1/4" 1.3 lbs645 HzE 5

    #5070 $675 Details
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  • Antique Unique Singing Bowl with penetrating tone and singing overtone

    Unique old round bowl with an outer facing rim. Penetrating strike tone with singing overtone. Premium sound. Excellent longevity

    4 3/4" .8 lbs652 HzE 5

    #9812 $695 Details
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  • Small Rare ancient Thadobati Lingam with a cracked bottom. Pure simple tones with excellent harmony. Very good sustain. Good rim play

    5 3/8" 1.2 lbs653 HzE 5

    #2092 $795 Details
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  • Thick Adorned Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with sweet high tone

    Thick Thadobati with broad rim and extensive art. Very high tone, E5 that is short sweet and simple. Very good harmony. Fine rim play

    5 1/2" 1.4 lbs676 HzE 5

    #5055 $895 Details
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