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Plain with Circles

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  • Bright Manipuri with faint hints of art. Deep peaceful pulse with a more slowly moving overtone. OK longevity Smooth and easy rim play

    6 1/4" .8 lbs210 HzG# 3

    #8681 $140 Details
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  • Unique short walled bowl from Northern India with quite a bit of artwork. Unusual and complex soundscape with many steady tones

    8 1/2" 2.2 lbs221 HzA 3

    #9807 $575 Details
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  • Wildly colored Manipuri with clear art. Balanced slow moving sound led by a clear bass tone. Good multi-tap, weak sustain and stick play

    5 1/2" .8 lbs293 HzD 4

    #8595 $160 Details
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