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Thick with Circles

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  • Bright Manipuri with punch circle artwork. Soft soundscape with a low fluttering note. The bowl quiets down quickly. Poor rim play

    5 1/4" .7 lbs282 HzC# 4

    #8706 $140 Details
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  • Tiny Manipuri with extensive artwork. Very high strike tone complimented by whispers of overtones. Average longevity. Ok wand Rim play

    4 3/8" .4 lbs426 HzG# 4

    #8667 $140 Details
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  • Adorned Manipuri with four pointed star design. Strongly oscillating overtone in a simple soundscape. Fair longevity. OK off the rim.

    6 1/8" .9 lbs240 HzB 3

    #8844 $195 Details
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  • Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl with two clear and harmonic overtones

    Manipuri with clear but worn rim circles Deep hum overlain by two clear and harmonic overtones. Sustain is very good. Soft rim play

    6 3/4" 1.0 lbs188 HzF# 3

    #8968 $210 Details
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  • Worn adorned Manipuri with complex inside circles. Right off the strike tones that flutter and dance. Very good sustain, easy wood play

    6" .8 lbs266 HzC 4

    #8895 $210 Details
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  • Dark Manipuri with extensive artwork. Initial cacophony settles to a main long lasting overtone which can be played purely with a wand

    4 3/4" .4 lbs392 HzG 4

    #8728 $240 Details
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  • Manipuri with worn artwork. Clear balanced tones within a quiet harmonious soundscape. Fair sustain. Good stick play, great with a wand

    5 1/4" .6 lbs299 HzD 4

    #8729 $180 Details
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