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Wide out with Lines

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  • Extra Thick Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl with high frequency tone

    Extra thick Manipuri with broad rim. Softly pulsing high frequency main tone with matched overtones. Fair longevity. Premium harmony

    5 7/8" .9 lbs386 HzG 4

    #8237 $420 Details
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  • Huge Incredible Antique Ultabati Singing Bowl with exceptional power

    Massive Ultabati 8 Lbs. and almost 15 inches across. Steady deep fundamental tone, lots of projection power. Fantastic longevity. .Exceptional.

    14 7/8" 8.9 lbs86 HzF 2

    #936 $6,000 Details
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  • Unusual Thadobati with unique sharp wide edge. Evenly paced soft and steady flutter. Premium harmony. Fair sustain. Weak rim play

    4 3/8" .3 lbs507 HzB 4

    #5570 $195 Details
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  • Large Thick Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with symphonic impression

    Large extra thick Thadobati with rich patina. Symphonic impression based on a solid middle C. Excellent harmony and rim, good sustain

    7 7/8" 2.8 lbs262 HzC 4

    #3573 $1,200 Details
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  • Incredibly thick large Thadobati with worn art. Bell like tones that start bright and become peaceful. Good sustain and leather play

    8 1/8" 3.3 lbs268 HzC 4

    #3987 $495 Details
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  • Rare XX thick Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl with sweet rich sound

    Rare XX thick Manipuri with super wide rim. Sweet exceptionally rich sound with a solid alto bass and soft singing high. Ok rim play.

    6 7/8" 1.5 lbs331 HzE 4

    #8206 $1,200 Details
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