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Thanks for clicking!  My goal is to facilitate a singing bowl journey with you.  The combination of long experience, personal attention and spectacular inventory will give you the opportunity to acquire a truly impressive set of singing bowls.

If you’re a beginner, great, we can help you understand the landscape of singing bowls and guide you. If you’re further along we can augment what you already know. If you’re looking to expand what you already have we can fill in the missing pieces.

Assembling a set is a collaborative process, something that hopefully we will both enjoy together. Yes there are a lot of options, different sound healing concepts and systems, different personal needs, different budgets. You will be surprised at how quickly clarity can emerge.

First step in the process is to get in touch. The questionnaire below is designed to help me understand where you are and would like to go – however other than your name and email [which we NEVER share] it’s all optional. That’s by design. I want the process to proceed in the way you feel most comfortable. That being said – if you want to talk leave your number and I’ll call – anywhere in the world.

Once you complete the questionnaire feel free to browse the website, there is a lot to explore.

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