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Hundreds of curated antique Tibetan style singing bowls to select from. This page  is the overview. Each bowl that you see also has a detail page. Just click on the photo or text to get there. First part of the detail page has my physical description of the bowl. This includes What it looks like and special features.

Then there is my description of the soundscape based on a deeper listening. I try to convey a bit of the personality of the bowl and sometimes real world applications based on the bowl’s strengths. Unless there is an issue with the rim each bowl will haver a second recording. That recording is made to deconstruct the soundscape, that is isolate different parts of it so you can get an idea of what constitutes the whole. I use various ringers and techniques to tease out what the musicians call “partials”. While I don’t expect people to play bowls like this I find it is an excellent educational tool.

Sound clips are labeled with some detail about how the bowl is being played. In the recommended accessories section you can see each mallet and ringer used as well as others that will play the bowl with a different aspect or emphasis, that is accentuating a different part of the eoundscape than what you hear in the recordings.


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Huge selection of antique singing bowls with detailed information and two sound clips.
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