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Soft Felt Mallet for singing bowls

For medium size bowls

Stained wood handle with layers of felt

Mallets with long handles and light heads are the easiest way to get full sound out of smaller singing bowls. The felt covered head plays minimizes what musicians call  “attack” so the sound plays more smoothly than tapping with a hard wood or leather ringing stick.  The long handle gives you better control over the volume and makes it easy to ring multiple bowls. Being small and light it will not push your bowl around like the larger felt Nepali mallets.

This Mallet:  Inexpensive felt covered rubber mallet with a thin dark colored wooden handle.  The felt is soft and pliable, best for playing the low fundamental tone of a bowl.  This mallet works well with bowls in the 3rd and 4th octave. They are individually made and vary a bit in size, shape and color of the wood. They also vary in the color of the wood, the photo with two mallets shows the range of colors you might get.

Contrast with precision mallets: This general purpose mallet is not tuned to accentuate different frequencies within a bowl.  The head size is a bit larger and the handle shorter than precision mallets.

Width: 1 3/4 inHeight or Thickness: 2 inLength: 12 in
Weight: 0.2 lbs = 85 grams

Best for use with:

Bowl Size:  Small, Medium
Bowl Tone:  Very Low, Low, Mid-range
Item Number: N22


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