Tibetan Wool Mat Geometric – 12×12 Blue

12GB Tibetan Wool Mat Geometric - 12x12 Blue

For large bowls

Really plush, vibrantly colored mats that are a product of the Tibetan community in Kathmandu.  The wool is gathered by herders over the border on the Tibetan Plateau. It comes into town in huge white braids and then is is dyed in small batches. From there it goes down the street to the old hand looms where the skilled Tibetan carpet weavers work . Each square is unique with small variations in size, design and even yarn color.

Geometric pattern has a large open area in the center.

12 inches square, big enough for the largest bowls

Width: 12 inHeight or Thickness: 0 4/10 inLength: 12 in
Weight: 0.8 lbs = 340 grams
Best for use with:
Bowl Size: : 

Large, Very Large


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