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Very Large Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with smooth and even sounds #1396

1. Best L1 Large Soft White Felt Mallet single tap.
2. Rim Play: N103 Large Ringing Stick leather followed by FP Massive Yew Wand

Thick adorned Jambati with original patina and a broad inner facing rim. This old bowl has seen a lot of wear, the very deep original etching clear but now shallower. Really interesting coloration, bright copper gold with bright reds spread all around the bowl, with some subtle hints of green. This color is not likely to darken much, we have had this bowl in our collection since 2015. A spectacular example of the old artwork.

Smooth and even soundscape, on the high side due to the thickness, that plays with just a bit of overtone in fine harmony. The tone solidifies into a solid steadiness as the good sustain continues.

The rim on this big bowl can be played with power and intensity. The biggest leather wand for bass, then massive yew for overtone. The bass will pulse off the rim, unlike the steadiness with a mallet. With overtones at G#4, E5, E6.

Bowl Type: Jambati
Thickness: Thick
Widest Diameter: 11 3/8 in
Height: 5 in
Bowl Size: Large
Weight: 4.8 lbs = 2181 grams
Rim Type: Broad in
Rim Thickness: 1/2"
Artwork and etching state of preservation:
Exterior: Good
Interior: Fair
Features: Adorned
Musical Note: G#3 Low Octave
Approximate Frequency: 211 Hz
Bowl Number: 1396


In stock

In stock

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