Distinctive Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with a premium soundscape #1859

1859 Distinctive Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with a premium soundscape #1859

1. Best L1 Large Soft White Felt Mallet single tap.
2. Rim Play: N105 XL Ringing Stick leather low then overtone followed by FP Massive Vermilion Wand

Bright plain large Jambati style, very worn to the point where there is no remaining artwork. The bowl is smooth to the touch. The rim is wide and was likely much broader to begin with. Active deep soundscape both the fundamental tone and overtone pulse rapidly, overtone faster. Great combo, premium harmony. What is a real standout is the sustain. This bowl goes on and on. If you are looking for a super long lasting antique this is one to consider for sure. I suspect the hand wear taking away all vestiges of etching and how clean the bowl is has something to do with it. As expected from the look great rim play. Pure bass, sizzling overtone with leather and next highs with intensity with the vermillion massive wand. Exceptional sustain and playing characteristics With overtones at D4, D5. Solfeggio – 285 Hz Overtone.

Bowl Type: 




Widest Diameter: 10 3/8 in
Height: 4 3/4 in
Bowl Size: 


Weight: 3.9 lbs = 1771 grams
Rim Type: 

Wide in

Rim Thickness: 


Artwork and etching state of preservation:

Worn Smooth


Worn Smooth


Solfeggio Overtone, Premium, Rare & Distinctive

Musical Note: 




Very Low


Approximate Frequency: 



Bowl Number: 1859

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