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Large Thick Antique Jambati Lingam Singing Bowl with incredible artwork #1995

1. Best L 2 Large Very Low Mallet single tap.
2. Rim Play: N103 Large Ringing Stick leather followed by FP Massive Yew Wand
Bowl Type: Jambati
Thickness: Thick
Widest Diameter: 10 3/4 in
Height: 4 3/4 in
Bowl Size: Large
Weight: 4.2 lbs = 1916 grams
Rim Type: Broad in
Rim Thickness: 3/8"
Artwork and etching state of preservation:
Exterior: Very Good
Interior: Very Good
Features: Exceptional, Premium, Adorned, Inscription, Lingam, Ceremonial
Musical Note: E3 Low Octave
Approximate Frequency: 167 Hz
Bowl Number: 1995


In stock

In stock

Large extra thick Jambati Lingam bowl with a deeply etched inscription. This ancient ceremonial piece has rich patina, a combination of colors that result in a unique montage. Beneath the patina is clear elaborate etching and a tall clear lingam, shiny and smooth on top from ceremonial use. The bowl is exceptionally rounded yet evenly shaped with artistic expertise. Outside the bowl the rim etching is so deep as to create the faux impression of relief artwork. The inscription is carefully placed within outer etched bands. A broad inner facing rim tops off the look. Resonant and complex, unusual for the style, with an exceptional super-premium harmonious start from which emerges a pulsing bass which eventually becomes all you can hear. Longevity is very good, again excellent for the sub-style of old lingam bowls. Spectacular rim play. Bass is smooth as silk with leather, it will come up to whatever volume you wish to drive it. Overtone is a mix when played with a big wand, again smooth to volume. Rated exceptional for sound, play and look from the patina and rim to the unique inscription – an almost perfect bowl. I do not expect to find another bowl like this one before the antiques run out entirely. With overtones at C5, C6, G#6.

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