Great thick Manipuri, wonderful bowl – until I dropped it! #8935


8935 Great thick Manipuri, wonderful bowl - until I dropped it! #8935

1. Best S 7 Small Medium High Mallet single taps.
2. Rim Play: N101 Small Ringing Stick leather then wood followed by FP Ebony Wand

Thick Manipuri, very old and smooth to the touch from long use. The rim is thick and flared out. Wonderful bowl – until I dropped it and put a crack right through the side. Combination of inattention and bad luck. So for a couple of years I had it on my desk, maybe a sacrilege, mostly gathering dust but sometimes holding post it tiles. It was such a nice bowl and I was a little traumatized about its demise so I kept it around as a reminder. Then here I was recording and I said, why not. Let’s move it on, it is still a really nice bowl. Quite a nice sounding solfeggio bowl If you are gentle and play 90º from the crack (which is clearly marked) you can get the pure sound of the bow. If you hit it hard or in the wrong place there is the crack – audible but only for a second. [second part recording 1]. Sustain is shot, the bowl doesn’t hang together anymore so neither does the sound. The bowl had premium harmony, you can still hear it but without the resonance it just isn’t the same. And here is a surprise – the bow is fine off the rim. Better than fine even as you can play the solfeggio tone with leather and the overtone with wood. Not a hint of the crack. You can even push the volume with a wand. Rim play alone is worth the price of admission. No backs on this one, please. With overtones at D6, G6, C#7. Solfeggio – RE 417 Hz.

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Widest Diameter: 5 1/4 in
Height: 1 3/4 in
Bowl Size: 


Weight: 0.7 lbs = 302 grams
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Artwork and etching state of preservation:





Flawed Beauty, Solfeggio, Special Frequency

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Bowl Number: 8935

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