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9996 Antique Singing Bowl SPECIALS!

These special price bowls have been hand selected for the quality of their sound. They come with a wood and leather ringing stick. You can add an all purpose mallet for an additional $10  (regular price: $16).   Specials are great for gifts and nice way to get a collection started. Each is labeled with note and octave while your invoice has frequency, weight and dimensions. This way we have what we need if you wish to add matching bowls later.

Comparable to what you see on the website for $75-$225. The difference between these Specials and bowls you see on the website is not the bowl itself but the effort needed to present it.  Specials don’t require a recording, writing descriptions or taking and editing photos. These bowls are part of the extensive backstock we use for special requests and set assembly.  One difference is that specials span an narrower range of tones and won’t have features like inscriptions, extensive markings and exceptional sound.

Shipping via USPS priority mail, two to three day delivery in the US.  As with all our singing bowls, specials come wrapped in handmade Nepali bark paper.

We generally send the most popular style – Thadobati bowls.  You can use the “requests” box at checkout substitute a Manipuri style.


Style Shape Small Mid-size Medium
Thadobati Tall straight sides up to 4 1/4″ X 2″ 4 1/4 to 5″ 6 1/2 to 7 1/2″
Manipuri Short round sides Up to 5″ X <2″ 5 to 6″ over 6″
Bowl Type: Manipuri, Remuna, Thadobati
Artwork and etching state of preservation -  
Bowl Number: 9996


Recommended Accessories:

  • Tibetan Wool Mat Om Symbol - 6x6 Blue

    Medium Tibetan Wool Mat

    Thick vibrantly colored wool.
    OM symbol

    #6OB $12 Details
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  • 16″ Red Velvet Cover Cloth

    “Embroidered Profound Sounds”
    100% natural cotton velvet fabric.

    #ccV16 $9 Details
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  • 12″ Soft Cotton Cover Cloth

    Embroidered “Profound Sounds”
    100% natural cotton rib fabric.

    #ccB12 $7 Details
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  • Tibetan Wool Mat Geometric - 6x6 Red

    Medium Tibetan Wool Mat

    Thick vibrantly colored wool.
    Geometric pattern

    #6GR $12 Details
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  • Large Antique Carpet Piece

    Large Antique Carpet Piece

    Hand cut and sewn antique Persian carpet piece.

    #cs13 $20 Details
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