12 Piece Sequential Antique Manipuri Singing bowl Set

sM12 12 Piece Sequential Antique Manipuri Singing bowl Set

Hand assembled set of Manipuri bowls chosen to span a range of notes and to sound great together.  Attention has been paid to making the intervals between bowls congruently even.  All the bowls are excellent quality pieces. The set contains a range of sub-styles, ages and states of preservation. The tones range from deep in the third octave to rather high in the fourth

Each bowl is individually labeled with the note and octave as well as their place in the sequence.  The set comes with full statistics for each bowl, dimensions, weight, frequencies, notes and overtones. The labeling is really helpful, makes it easy to lay the bowls out and associate them.

The set  costs $150 a bowl which is less than the bowls would cost individually – especially now as Manipuri antiques become rarer.

It takes time and energy to put something like this together.  It also takes a special ear and eye.  There is no bowl in this set that I did not first select over in Asia out of stacks of similar material.  They had to catch my ear individually over there first. When assembling this set all the individual bowls had to meld into coherent whole.

Sets are assembled to order out of our extensive stock. Each set is unique, each set amazing.

Photo is an example of a previously sold set.

The set contains:

12 antique Manipuri bowls in the 3rd and 4th octaves – one single tone sequence priced at $150 each.

Bowl Type: 


Widest Diameter: 6 in
Height: 16 in
Weight: 5 lbs = 2268 grams


Bowl Number: sM12
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