3 Piece Large Antique Mani Singing Bowl Set

sMA3 3 Piece Large Antique Mani Singing Bowl Set

Three bowl set played with L8 mallet

Hand assembled set of three rare Mani bowls chosen to sound wonderful together. The set has three bowls, close in frequency. The notes are really high 5th octave C# D and E.  They were selected for their incredibly upbeat sound and how the tones blend together. The frequencies are 549 Hz 586 Hz and 669 Hz.

Each bowl bowl in this set was selected by Ryan during one of his buying trips to Asia. All the bowls are excellent quality pieces. These three large Mani bowls are similarly sized 7 3/8 to 7 3/4 across. They are thick and heavy weighing three pounds each – a total of 10 pounds for the three

Each bowl is individually labeled with the note and octave.  The set comes with full statistics for each bowl, dimensions, weight, frequencies, notes and overtones. The labeling is really helpful, makes it easy to lay the bowls out and associate them.

About the recordings:

The first sound clip is all three bowls struck once going from low to high with a Best Singing Bowls precision large high tone mallet (L 8).  With this mallet you hear the top of the soundscape for the bowls. The second recording is high to low with a Best Singing Bowls precision large medium tone mallet (L 6). With this mallet the center of the soundscape accentuated.


Bowl Type: 


Widest Diameter: 6 7/8 in
Height: 3 3/4 in
Weight: 9 lbs = 4082 grams


Bowl Number: sMA3
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