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4 Piece Antique Jambati Singing Bowl Sacred Tone Set

1. Tone set 30 sec then sequential
2. 4 bowls leather then wood

Some years back I took a class from a Nepali man who said he had been taught a specific meditation tone set by a master in the Himalayas.  The tones, not necessarily exactly tuned to the Western scale, were roughly B-F-D-G.  Regardless of the origin of the story, the sequence of tones definitely can have a salutary effect. It turns out this is not an easy set to assemble out of Jambati singing bowls.  Working with over a hundred I managed to make only two.  Even when you get the right notes it is hard to get the bowls to hang together properly. This set does a pretty good job of it.

The set contains:

Note Octave
Jambati Tone Set – 1 B 2
Jambati Tone Set – 2 F 3
Jambati Tone Set – 3 D 3
Jambati Tone Set – 4 G 2

All the bowls are good to excellent quality pieces. You can see there is a range of sizes from small [for a Jambati – still a large bowl] to very large. The set  costs $750 a bowl. Individually priced these bowls would average about that.  The whole, in this case, is worth more than simply the sum of the parts. You can also play the set by tone, low to high or high to low. The bowls really have staying power as a group.  I let the recording go on for half a minute but they had a lot more to go.

Bowl Type: Jambati
Bowl Number: sJ4


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Out of stock

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