Large True Tone Thadobati 7 Chakra Set

sT6 Large True Tone Thadobati 7 Chakra Set

1. 7 Bowls played low to high
2. 7 Bowls played high to low

This major scale 4th octave set is composed of bowls very close to exact standard tuning. It is a mix of large bowls on the bass end and smaller ones as the tones go up through the scale. Exact tones in singing bowls is rather rare as they are randomly arranged along the sound spectrum making this set difficult to replicate.

All the antique singing bowls in this chakra set have been selected for superior internal harmony. These curated antique singing bowls all blend together for a wonderful total sound. All have their original antique patina and a few have clear artwork. There’s a mix of thicker and thinner bowls.

261 Hz C 4 7 1/4 Wide, 1106 Grams 2.4 Lbs.
292 Hz D 4 5 1/4 Wide, 351 Grams 0.8 Lbs.
331 Hz E 4 4 3/4 Wide, 300 Grams 0.7 Lbs.
349 Hz F 4 4 3/8 Wide, 290 Grams 0.6 Lbs.
390 Hz G 4 4 1/4 Wide, 264 Grams 0.6 Lbs.
440 Hz A 4 4 1/2 Wide, 328 Grams 0.7 Lbs.
495 Hz B 4 4 1/4 Wide, 280 Grams 0.6 Lbs.

All bowls are labeled with note and octave as well as our identifying number. Photos show the exact 7 bowls in this set.

About the recordings:

The sound clips are the seven 4th octave bowls struck once with a Best Singing Bowls precision mallets (L6 and S7).


Certificates for all bowls ordered with the set cost $125. Each bowl needs to be photographed in addition to the physical examination.

Bowl Type: 


Widest Diameter: 6 in
Height: 6 in
Weight: 5 lbs = 2268 grams


Bowl Number: sT6

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