High Thadobati 7 Chakra Set

sT1 High Thadobati 7 Chakra Set

1. 7 Bowl Chakra set
2. 8 Bowl Chakra set

One of the most common frameworks for chakra sets is to have whole notes spanning one octave.   The 7 chakra sequence is C D E F G A B.  Some teachers like to add the first note of the next octave for 8 notes C D E F G A B C.

All the antique singing bowls in this chakra set have been selected for superior internal harmony. A lot of care has been taken to make sure the tones go well together. This is not as simple as picking notes because notes alone do not guarantee a smooth flow of sound up and down. Overtones and timbre play an important part.  These carefully selected antique singing bowls all blend together for a wonderful total sound.

The 7 bowl chakra set spans the fourth octave with the optional 8th note being a C in the next higher octave.  That 8th bowl follows the subtle progression of tones so that is is a proper match for the set .  All bowls are Thadobati or Remuna style for consistency in timbre and ease of play. Sizes range from 4 to 5 inches. You may change the lowest bowl in the set C4 to a larger bowl, over 6 inches. This larger bowl is 2-3X the weight of the other bowls in the set and adds a lot of power to the bottom of the range.  Cost is $125

All bowls are labeled with note and octave as well as our identifying number.

Pricing is a very reasonable $116 per bowl. Add the 8th bowl to the set for $111

You can internally expand this set by adding the five sharp notes D# F# G# A# and C#5 for $104 a bowl – $520.  This makes the expanded set come out to $111 per bowlAbout the recordings:

The first sound clip is seven 4th octave bowls struck once with a Best Singing Bowls precision small medium mallet (S 5).  With this mallet you hear the center of the soundscape for the bowls. The second recording is multiple taps of all 8 bowls with the full series of small Best Singing Bowls precision mallets starting with the low S 3 then medium S 5 high S 7 and finally the ultra high S 9. This gives you a feel for the different moods the bowls  are capable of. Each set is individual with slight variations in tone.

About the photos:

Photos show 7 or 8 bowls in various views. Each set is individual with slight variations in appearance


Certificates for all bowls ordered with the set cost $125. Please allow three days for certificates as each bowl needs to be photographed in addition to the physical examination.

Bowl Type: 


Widest Diameter: 6 in
Height: 6 in
Weight: 5 lbs = 2268 grams


Bowl Number: sT1
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