Fourth Octave Pedestal Set

sPc Fourth Octave Pedestal Set

1. 7 bowls played with a mallet
2. 7 bowls played with the leather end of a ringing stick

This amazing 4th octave large size Pedestal set is composed of a group of full throated resonant bowls. The sonic texture is exquisite  – just a pleasure to ring. Each bowl stands alone as strong individual. Played together the sounds blend for a wonderful total effect.

This unique set took days to put together and was assembled from over a thousand bowls. It is truly a one of a kind offering. Part of the challenge is finding bowls in the required sequence of whole notes starting with middle C for a chakra set.  In the case of this set the bottom C note is a perfect 262 Hz. The 7 chakra sequence is C D E F G A B.

Each bowl has been selected for superior internal harmony.  Special care has been taken to make sure the tones go well together so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  You can hear that in the mallet recording (#1) as the tones meld in the sustain.

All the bowls are substantial, they are all over 1 Lb and larger than 5 inches in diameter. Some of the bowls in the set have inscriptions, some are extra thick and one bowl is a very old style Pedestal with rich patina.

All bowls are labeled with note and octave as well as our identifying number.

About the Recordings:

The first sound clip is the seven bowls struck with a Best Singing Bowls Precision Large Medium mallet (L 6).  With this mallet you hear the center of the soundscape for the bowls. The first part of the recording is each bowl struck with a pause then all seven run through quickly with that resonant sustain.  The second recording is rim play, spinning the outer edge with the leather side of a simple ringing stick (N103). Pedestal bowls are great rim singers, so easy to hold by the stand.

About the photos:

Photos are of the actual bowls in the set. They show each of the 7 bowls individually  and in various group views.


Individual certificates for each of the 7 bowls in the  set cost a total of $125. Please allow three days for certificates as each bowl needs to be photographed in addition to the physical examination.

Bowl Type: 


Widest Diameter: 12 in
Height: 12 in
Weight: 11 lbs = 4990 grams


Rare & Distinctive


Bowl Number: sPc

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