Small Antique Singing Bowl With Ringer SPECIAL!


s99 Small Antique Singing Bowl With Ringer SPECIAL!

Nice sounding old bowl with a ringing stick.

Thadobati are up to 4 1/4 inches in diameter
Manipuri are up to 5 1/2 inches wide and under 2 inches tall

Shipping via USPS priority mail, two to three day delivery in the US.  Shipping on up to three bowls is only $15.

These special price bowls are the same quality as I sell on the website for $65-$100.  Over in Asia I’ve chosen these bowls for the quality of their sound.  What you will receive is a good sounding bowl with the kind of color, shape and markings characteristic of the style.  Specials are great for gifts and nice way to get a collection started .

The difference between a $59.95 bowl and a more expensive one iis that there is no need to make recordings, write a description, take a photo, and post it. In other words the quality of the bowls are just as good but the amount of work that goes into it is less. Another difference is that the bowls on the special span an narrower range of tones as the extreme highs and especially the lows are relatively rare.  Special bowls won’t have features like inscriptions, extensive markings and other characteristics of more expensive bowls. Finally these bowls and the mallet fit into those cute small Priority Mail boxes with almost zero extra packing required.

You will get full information on the bowl.  Each is individually numbered with weight, dimensions, note, octave and frequency appearing in the invoice.This way later on if you wish to build on your collection we have the data needed to match or compliment what you already have.

Available in “original patina” or “bright”.  Style is either Thadobati or Manipuri.  Thadobatis are taller, Manipuris are wider. You can use the comments section in the shopping cart to make a special request. Most people, however, prefer to be surprised.

Here is a recent comment from a recent SPECIAL! customer:

“The bowl is fascinating and cool, and I love the way it looks and sounds. Very nice transaction all around. Thanks”


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