Large Deep Remuna Set

sR1 Large Deep Remuna Set

1. 7 bowls played with mallets
2. 7 bowls played with a leather ringing stick

This 7 bowl set of large Remuna bowls starts in the upper 2nd octave B2 and ends in the upper 3rd at B3. The set is organized to accentuate the low by giving it some sonic isolation while smoothly leading to the high in four small steps. The full set is just a pleasure to hear as the sounds blend to a coherent whole.  Each bowl individually has been selected for superior internal harmony.

All the bowls are graceful large Remuna 6 1/2 to a bit over 7 inches in diameter. Some of the bowls have clear artwork, others are worn smooth from use. Remuna often have inscriptions and 2 of the 7 bowls in this set feature them. Some of the bowls in the set are quite substantial and on the thick side for this style. Each weighs a pound or more. Remuna are great rim singers, each of these bowls play well with a stick or wand.

This Remuna set is possibly the last of its kind. I doubt I’ll be able to assemble another like it as it took access to hundreds of bowls to come up with this exact selection. There are too few large antique Remuna style coming out hinterlands these days.

All bowls are labeled with note and octave as well as our identifying number.

About the Recordings:

The first sound clip is seven 3rd octave bowls struck once with the range of Best Singing Bowls precision mallets (BSB-L).  The mallets have been selected to play the center of the soundscape for the bowls. The first part of the recording is each bowl struck with a pause then all seven run through quickly with a lingering sustain. The second recording is rim play, spinning the outer edge with the leather side of a simple ringing stick (N103). Remuna bowls are great rim singers with their smooth rims.

About the photos:

Photos are of the actual bowls in this one-of-a-kind set


Certificates for the 7 bowls cost a total of $125. Please allow three days for certificates as each bowl needs to be photographed in addition to the physical examination.

Bowl Type: 


Widest Diameter: 12 in
Height: 12 in
Weight: 8 lbs = 3629 grams


Bowl Number: sR1

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