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927 Antique Ultabati Singing Bowl with deep slowly pulsing bass

Large Ultabati with graceful curves and a silky smooth finish. The worn dark finish and exterior hammermarks is I sharp contrast to the smooth finish inside the curve of the bowl. Just great looking. Deep slowly pulsing primary tone, less than one in and out per second with complimentary overtones. Great soundscape when played moderately, a vigorous hit will reveal a discontinuity. Fine longevity and harmony. Just amazing off the rim, pure visceral bass or pulsing deep overtone. Marked down for the avoidable flaw With overtones at D4, C#5.

Weight: 4 lbs = 1814 grams
Size: Very Large
Approx Rim Thickness: 5/16"
Bowl Type: Ultabati
Artwork and etching state of preservation -  Exterior: Very Good  Interior: Good
Musical Note: G 2, Very Low OctaveApprox Frequency: 99 Hz
Bowl Number: 927

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$1,250 $749

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