Large Antique Ultabati Singing Bowl with super low 67.5 Hz C2 #955

955 Large Antique Ultabati Singing Bowl with super low 67.5 Hz C2 #955

1. Best XL 1 Extra Large Very Low Mallet followed by L 2 single taps.
2. Rim Play: N103 Large Ringing Stick leather low then overtone

Thin and light gracefully shaped Ultabati style with chocolate brown patina having replaced the original coloration. A bowl this light just 1.5 Lbs yet over 8 inches is quite rare. What is so very special is the super deep main tone at 67.5 Hz.,  one of the few sharp C2 antiques we’ve come across.

Good harmony with the bass coming across as a low rumble. Played softly for the bass there is not much longevity.  Struck firmly for a panoply of tones longevity is good. You can see the thin rim shake.  The bowl can be played with different mallets for different levels of bass. This is a bowl to be played near the bottom for the purest bass.  Fortunately it is a sturdy bowl, though thin, so this kind of play will not damage it.

Fine stick play, the deep bass can be teased off the side of the bowl. Leather can also play a surprising medley of overtones. With overtones at F#3, F#4, C#5.

Bowl Type: 




Widest Diameter: 8 1/4 in
Height: 4 in
Bowl Size: 


Weight: 1.5 lbs = 659 grams
Rim Type: 


Artwork and etching state of preservation:



Worn Smooth

Musical Note: 




Very Low


Approximate Frequency: 



Bowl Number: 955

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