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Unique Antique Singing Bowl with dark patina #1234

1. Best L 6 Large Medium Mallet single tap.
2 Medium Ringing Stick leather followed by FP Massive Yew Wand

Uniquely shaped bowl, short and round in the middle. Dark patina, copper rust, significant wear and excellent hammer work could date this bowls many centuries back. It also has a short inscription. The unusual soundscape matches an unusually shaped bowl. It starts with bright complexity and very quickly settles down into rolling and fluttering. Very high soundscape for a Jambati, which is the general style of this bowl, it is rare for them to go over 200 Hz. Longevity is fair, the complexity drops off quickly. Good power off the rim with leather pretty well focused on the bass. Very active rim – get the big recommended wand if you are not sure. With wood the bowl likes to put out its complexity. Acquired by Best Singing Bowls in 2012. With overtones at A5, D#6, A#6.

Bowl Type: Unique
Thickness: Average
Widest Diameter: 8 7/8 in
Height: 3 5/8 in
Bowl Size: Large
Weight: 2.2 lbs = 1018 grams
Rim Type: Wide in
Rim Thickness: 1/8 "
Artwork and etching state of preservation:
Exterior: Good
Interior: Worn Smooth
Features: Inscription, Rare & Distinctive
Musical Note: A3 Low Octave
Approximate Frequency: 229 Hz
Bowl Number: 1234


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