Large Thick Singing Bowl with sweet pure A4 440 Hz. premium sound #9855

9855 Large Thick Singing Bowl with sweet pure A4 440 Hz. premium sound #9855

1. Best L 6 Large Medium Mallet followed by L 4 single taps.
2. Rim Play: FP Massive Yew Wand

Amazingly super thick unusual bowl. It feels like a slab of metal, one of the thickest old bowls I’ve ever seen. It is so thick the artist put two sets of punch circles on the rim, a unique feature. While most of the artwork has been worn off the interior there is still quite a bit of sharp and clear adornment outside – peering out from the ancient patina. Quite the amazing, unique piece. Sweet and harmonious, this pure A4 440 Hz bowl starts with the overtone then switches to the bass. The tones are quite solid. Sustain is short as the slab of metal absorbs the sound. You don’t even feel the vibrations in your hand. Not much off the rim, with the softest massive wand, Yew, the overtone takes off. This is an amazing piece, probably the thickest bowl we’ve put up for sale. Very old, interesting artwork and a sweet if short soundscape. With overtone at D#6.

Bowl Type: 



Extra Thick

Widest Diameter: 8 1/8 in
Height: 2 3/8 in
Bowl Size: 


Weight: 3.8 lbs = 1737 grams
Rim Type: 

Thick, crumpled with Circles

Artwork and etching state of preservation:





Adorned, Premium, Rare & Distinctive

Musical Note: 






Approximate Frequency: 



Bowl Number: 9855

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