Bill 2017

Q. Hello Ryan. I just examined this bowl for the first time since receiving it on Monday. The bowl has a 1/2″ crack on the bottom. You can feel it both on the outside and inside. The sound is quite nice, even with the crack. Although I wish it was not cracked, I have decided to keep it. I’m not sure how you overlooked the crack, since it is right next to your stickers where the bowl curves up from the bottom. I’m very annoyed about this. I had thought of building a small collection of bowls through you. However, I don’t think I will do that now. Regards, Bill

A. Bill Sorry to hear this. I am very surprised about a crack in the bowl. The only bowls I bring back from Asia with cracks you can feel are rare ceremonial antiques. I examine bowls for visual cracks and put them in the description, usually with a photo close up of the flaw. Zero chance I’ll miss a crack you can feel. The photos on the web show an intact bowl. Ok so that crack either happened in transit or in your possession.  Do you still have the box? Any evidence of crushing, scrapes etc on the outside?  If so can you send me photos of the packaging? Any chance the bowl could have been dropped or hit hard on the bottom after it arrived? Again sorry about the issue,

To Ryan: 1. The crack was not made while in my possession.  2. I kept the shipping box and it is undamaged. 3. The crack is old, because it is darker than the surrounding metal, not lighter. 4. I am impressed with your infallibility.

Comment: Well maybe there wasn’t zero chance and I was arrogant. Certainly this customer was not happy. Since this incident I have started to keep high resolution photos of the bottom of bowls so I can at least satisfy myself about claims for damage.