Evan 2018

I’ve been meaning to email you all week, but time kept getting away from me.  I absolutely love my singing bowl. It’s even better than I had hoped. I play it every day, in a variety of ways (mallet and rim).  I am a lifelong musician, and was a professional for about a decade, and a composer for even longer. I have a really deep connection with sound and music; I also have synesthesia and have very intense sensations around specific tones. That’s one of the reasons I chose this specific bowl, despite the cost. The low E, and strong B overtone resonated (no pun intended) with me in a very deep, important way. The additional subtle overtones were the proverbial frosting on the cake.

In person, the sound is so much richer and more visceral than I had anticipated. I understand the part of your recent email discussing sound and health – the sound is enveloping, and soothing. I have chronic sleep issues, yet this bowl is often able to focus me and help banish a lot of the anxieties and stresses that pile up during the day.  I want to thank you very much, again, for your patience in working with me. I will be recommending you to all my family and friends. I look forward to your newsletters in my inbox!