Jon 2018

Q: I have 2 of the mini wands (Yew and Kingwood) but have 1 heavier, larger bowl that does not play well with the minis, so I was considering a multipurpose large wand, but was unsure of which to get – between the Vermilion or the Zebrawood.

A: [from Frank Perry]  I doubt you’d get upper partials isolated using a 2″ Zebra or Vermillion wand. These wands will produce a range of tones from a bowl sounding at once. The thicker the wand the more likely to stimulate the fundaments. The harder the wood will bring out the upper partials. So a thick wand of hard wood on a suitable bowl will bring out a range of sounds.

Q I received my large Vermillion wand in the mail today (from Best Singing Bowls) – it is AMAZING! It is a work of art, and makes playing a moody bowl much easier…. THANK YOU both for your advice