Jonna 2017

I’m a fourth grade teacher in Indiana. Last spring my school district gave a professional development seminar on promoting calm and focus in our students. The presenter led a practice for us, using a singing bowl she had purchased from you. I was so amazed by the calming effect the activity had on my mind and body, that I also purchased a bowl and mallet from you. I chose my bowl for its multiple tones and longevity of sound. I’ve been doing a simple practice with my class three times a day, and they absolutely love it. They remind me if I’ve forgotten to do it. Seeing them close their eyes, breathe deeply, and relax their shoulders is so nice, especially after recess, when they come inside pretty wound up. I ring the bowl and ask them to focus on the sound until they can no longer hear it. Then I prompt them to take five long, deep, slow, breaths in and out while visualizing a place of peace and calm. I take deep breaths, too! Then I ring the bowl again and as the children to focus on the sound as long as they can, and to open their eyes when the sound is gone. I can hear their sighs of relaxation. I’m no expert on this, and I might be doing something “wrong” in a technical sense, but this is helpful for my students, and I recommend it!