RL 2019

Customer sent a big Jambati bowl back from Europe with a crack in it.

My email to the customer: I took a look at the Jambati bowl you sent back, big long crack. I thought – looks like shipping damage. To verify I went back into my archival photos. To my extreme embarrassment I discovered that the crack was there at the time the bowl was photographed. This would have been after I wrote the physical description and made the recording, still it happened in my custody and should have been called out. The bowl was examined in Asia and full price was paid, meaning that I’m quite sure it was not damaged when I bought it  –  those exams are meticulous because there is no money back on those purchases.

Playing the bowl hard with a mallet I can hear the crack so you’re very right to return it. It will not sound better over time unless the person who owns it refrains from mallet use and just plays the rim.

Again very sorry