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Q. Do I need to take care about how strongly I strike the bell? I notice I am able to tease out some interesting lower tones by striking the side of the bowl beneath the rim. Do you not recommend that? I definitely do not want to damage this instrument, but I would like to explore its secrets.
A. You are fine striking the side of the bowl. The weakest point is the bottom corner. When pounded into shape that part has the most bend and therefore the least metal.
Q, Be well, and thank you for your work and passion!

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Q. I can’t get much sound when moving the wooden end of the stick around the rim. I can hear a low tone (it sounds sort of like a UFO humming) but can’t draw it out any louder. Any tips would be welcome!
A.Try to push harder towards the center of the bowl all the way around to maintain firm consistent contact.
Q. I just wanted to tell you that after lots of experimenting with angles, I’ve gotten the bowl you sent me to sing around the rim. It’s great! Thanks again

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Q. I noticed a number on the bowl. Is there a place on your website that has more info on the bowl, using the number that came with it?
A. The bowl data is on the invoice. You can always ask us for information using the bowl number as we keep all individual bowl records along with photos and sound clips.

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Q: I just bought your Thadobati singing bowl yesterday. I’m writing to ask what other bowls would you recommend to go with it in the future ?
A: I keep all recordings on file so when it comes time to build a set around your bowl I’ll have a reference. There are many ways to build a set, different for different goals. When you’re ready to buy we can ground a direction.

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Q: I enjoyed browsing and listening to your recordings. May I inquire how much additional fees are required when delivering to the Philippines? Thank you very much
A:Shipments to your country are made through the post office. Pricing is based on weight and value. A 3 lb box valued at $300, a fairly large bowl with ringers, is $55 via priority mail – which has insurance and tracking. Regular mail is maybe $15 less. A small bowl with a ringing stick can be as low as $35 via priority mail.
Q: Hi Ryan. Thank you very much for your prompt response to my inquiry. I appreciate it very much.

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