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I got my bowl about half an hour ago. The tone when struck is just lovely, and maintains for a long time! Thank you for the good choice. I’m pleased with it. :)

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Thank you for your selection of singing bowls. They are all truly wonderful and have anchored well with my other old bowls. I have spent the day working them out and their individual quality continues to impress me.

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Thank you again for picking out the most beautiful, perfect singing bowl for me!
I love it!! Your antique bowls are of very high quality, and thank you for packaging them so well that they arrive in perfect condition!

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I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the bowl you sent. I appreciated your finding out what kind of tone and note I was looking for and picking a bowl that fit. Your willingness to expedite the shipping so that it could arrive on time for the bridal shower gift made all the difference! I want you to know that our gift brought tears to the bride-to-be’s eyes, and she told me later it was her favorite gift.

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Ryan, You know how to pick bowls!!!!!!!!!! the first harmonics ring clean, clear, and long. Some bowl people can not hear the third and forth harmonic so they do not pick the bowls that the third and forth ring out, this bowls first four harmonics ring clean, clear, and long. Thanks again for your kindness. Blessings your way!

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Thanks so much for picking this bowl out for me. It is exactly what I wanted. It has a great tone and is almost like having 3 different bowls. Love it, love it, love it! Sometimes just listening to the sound of this wonderful bowl for a few strikes is enough to pull me into a meditative state. Thanks again for the excellent customer service.

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I love my bowl! Thank you.
[note – this customer bought a small special and returned it because the bowl did not have enough oomph in it. I picked a larger bowl for her out of backstock for an additional $100]

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