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Love the bowl! Just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with the singing bowl I purchased from you. I have a feeling I will be ordering more. Many thanks!

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Aloha Ryan! I just wanted to tell that I have received my singing bowl moments ago and I really Love it! It’s beautifully sounding (even though it’s my first one and I really don’t have anything to compare with :)… And it came really fast too! (considering everything gets slow to Hawaii!) LOL! I do appreciate your business now and in the future! Mahalo again!

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The bowl is beautiful and way more than I had hoped for. Thank you. I love this bowl and so will my husband!

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Dear Ryan,
just to say thank you for the gorgeous bowls which I finally got yesterday (and luckily I didn’t have to pay too much tax on them). My Jordanian friend was also enchanted by them ~ he’d never seen anything like them ~ and the sounds they produce are beautiful, aren’t they? Thank you for choosing that combination. They’re bigger than I expected, and actually just the right size, and they look lovely. I’ll have to find your e-mail with the information about their notes now, and I’ll have to look online to see how to play them properly, though I’m so happy that they make a lovely sound whatever I do! The mats are great too. Oh and I also love the tissue paper around them ~ very special!
So many thanks again, I’m very happy now!

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Today arrived the Jambati :):) Jambati’s has very good, great, amazing sounds. If we hear this is like when the Jambati is talking the tale for us. There are many octaves! And i was surprised how big it! :):) And the vibration is also good and it can be heard for a long time. I am totally satisfied with the Jambati and with You too. I am thankful because: You are reliable and very fast in affairs. You was/are correct with me, thank You the all!

I almost forget it, You were very kind (You made the official document cleverly) Thank You this too! :-)

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The last shipment of bowls (for a while) arrived, and they are beautiful, as I knew they would be. I’m including a photo. A reasonable start to a small collection, I think, and, if I do say so myself, well chosen. Also included are two pictures of my cats with the first five bowls. I might say they were having their CHATkras aligned.

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HOLY MOLY … My bowls arrived – WOWWWWWW. They are stunning especially that big one. I AM so looking forward to taking them up into the snow and getting to know them. Here go some pics for you from this last week and taking my first bowl up into energies of Aoraki (throat chakra for New Zealand).

You’ll be hearing from me again soon …. I’ll be after something very small (and very good) for sitting on my third eye. and of course I have my eye on some of those other big really awesome bowls.

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Thank you so much Ryan for the beautiful singing bowl! Such a lovely angelic sound it makes, and I love it! By the way, it arrived right on my birthday today, even though tracking info said it would arrive at a much later date. Your bowls are the best.

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Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my singing bowl, which arrived safely and well-packaged and exactly as described. Your site provided more detail than most in its descriptions with complete visual and audio images – so there were no surprises. I am bonding nicely with the bowl as I learn how to invite its various moods and voices. The Tibetan carpet square is also beautiful, and I much prefer it over bowl cushions. Thank you!

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