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received!! in time for xmas thanks!!! thanks for a great service and amazing bowls! happy holidays!! [Southern hemisphere customer]

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I wanted to thank you for your help and amazing service! I received my Antique Remuna bowl today and I love it!!! I picked it up and it sang straight away :D It looks and sounds exactly as described on your site. As a bonus, it sounds great with my other two bowls. Thank you again for your great customer service and for the beautiful bowl! I can’t wait to get my next one!

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Love your web site–very helpful. If you are going to surprise me, I like the lower, deeper tones best. [customer ordered mid size special with this request] **** I received my bowl yesterday and it is perfect! Just what I wanted. Thanks for the great service.

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Hey Ryan, just received your singing bowl yesterday. Totally satisfied with product. Amazing harmonics and quite the sonic experience. Properly packed and shipped out fast. Looking forward to my next bowl. Thanks again

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I wanted to let you know that I received my singing bowl today safe and sound! As I was perusing your sight and listening to the clips, this one spoke to me. Even after looking at and listening to similar bowls, I came back to this particular one every time. It is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for calling! If it weren’t for that call, I would not have this beautiful little singing bowl. I am very grateful!

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I have just had the best possible experience in purchasing a set of bowls from Ryan at Best Singing Bowls! I didn’t know a lot about how to choose bowls individually so I finally just called. Ryan took the time to talk with me, answer my questions, and really find out what I wanted to do with my bowls. Based on that and my preferred price range, he put together several sets for me to listen to. After more questions and his patient answers, I had my bowls. I love them! Many thanks to Ryan and I’m looking forward to continuing to add to my set from his wonderful offerings. If you are interested in singing bowls, don’t hesitate to get them from Best Singing Bowls. Thanks, Ryan, for the awesome service and wonderful set of bowls!

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Ryan, this bowl is so lovely… the tone is absolutely enchanting. I’m grateful to you for choosing such a nice one

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I very much appreciated everything you did for me! I’m so excited to get her started and into more bowls!

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Thank you for all of your help!!!  If I’m ever in the market again for the best bowls, I’m coming to you!

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Greetings Ryan, so, the order has arrived and in time for our event tonight! I will definitely be wanting to try an assortment of your fine mallets, thanks so much for steering me this way!

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What a blessing it has been to have met you Ryan!  I am so excited to start working with the bowls.

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