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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful experience I had shopping on your site. The information, the quality of photos, and the sound clips!!! I am very excited to receive my order (it’s a gift for someone very dear to my heart). My hope is this will be the start of a very beautiful collection. Thank you for what you do. You are truly spreading joy and beauty!

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Thanks for your email.I really enjoyed your store. I spent nearly 5 hours last night listening and comparing these beautiful sounds.

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I love the respect your site holds for these wonderful bowls – I love the idea that something as simple as a bowl can teach us so much – how ancient values and wisdom still have a lot to teach us.

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By the way, thanks for your comments and thoughts below on the bowl noting the metal intrusions, incomplete smelting, and its characteristics.  It really helps me understand and appreciate this bowl’s uniqueness.  My untrained eye may have thought it to be flawed and even substandard!   Lastly, the fact you note “exceptional” bowls on your website and create sets of bowls that harmonize well together is a real plus for the consumer saving them time in looking for that special bowl with exceptional sound.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and sounds of these old bowls with others so they continue to be preserved, cared for, and appreciated.

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Your bowls are spectacular. I wish I could buy fourscore! I so appreciate the detailed commentary you post about each one. It is incredibly helpful

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