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Spectacular upgrade to the Best Singing Bowls website!

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The website is now packed with new articles and information, organized for easy navigation. The overview page provides a bird’s eye view of our broad range of singing bowls ringers, mats and accessories. In keeping with the best of modern web design, the site now fills the screen –  bowls look just spectacular on a big monitor or TV. It is also optimized for the small screen.

Designed for ease … and education

It can be overwhelming to see hundreds of amazing singing bowls. To soothe the overstimulated mind we’ve developed a world class set of navigation tools. It’s easy to narrow down what is on the screen to see just what you are most interested in. The right hand column (or the filter icon in mobile) on our Bowls page has the most extensive system for filtering singing bowls anywhere.

The filtering system is also designed to be a teaching tool. Want to know how frequencies and notes relate – play with the filters. Looking for low or high notes, filter for them and see what kinds of bowls show up. Want to see bowls that are thick, have extensive artwork or are ceremonial antiques – just use the filters.

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