Singing Bowl Videos

Short Informative Video

This singing bowl video is a short yet deep introduction to singing bowls with a mixture of words and sounds

  • The Magic of the Singing Bowls

This sound bowl Video is a distillation of a Singing Bowl Experience event at the Pacific Cultural Center in Santa Cruz in May of 2009. The event, as usual, was unscripted in front of a group of interested individuals. Much of what I said was in response to queries from the audience though the questioners were edited out for brevity.

After the event, the audience came up and played the singing bowls themselves which would have made a nice video on its own. The bowls being played are not a special performance set, instead, they are a group of bowls assembled out of my stock on hand for the occasion. They are quite representative of what you can see on this website with a range of styles and qualities.

Long Concert and Talk

Sit back and enjoy the sound of 144 matched singing bowls.

  • The Singing Bowls Experience

This half-hour video has long stretches of Tibetan singing bowl sound so you can relax into the experience. There are also some parts where I talk and answer questions from the audience.

Throughout the course of the singing bowl video, you can observe the use of different mallets and ringers as well as playing techniques.


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