Personalized Singing Bowl Sets

Interested in acquiring a group of antique Tibetan singing bowls that sound great together? Best Singing Bowls has assembled many harmonious sets for individuals as well as businesses such as spas, yoga studios and healing centers.

Assembling a set is a collaborative process. We can start by clarifying your interest initially through filling out the request questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to help you think about the factors involved in assembling a set. We’ll likely have some back and forth after that by email and maybe by phone. Once the picture is clear we’ll send you some bowl choices with prices, we can also send sound clips.


Wide Range of Singing Bowl Choices

In addition to the bowls you can see on the web we have an extensive selection of “backstock” bowls. This gives us tremendous flexibility in assembling sets, both in terms of finding the right sounds and working within your budget. If you have a couple of bowls you’d like to include that are on the web, great – let us know the numbers. If you’ve listened to bowls whose sounds you like we can try to match them. We can even integrate bowls you already own. If you have bowls you’ve bought off the website in the past, great. We have the sound clips to work with.

There is a huge range of prices for sets. Size, sound quality and rarity are important factors. A simple set of three small good sounding singing bowls can be had for about $250, a set of large bowls with premium sounds can run many thousands of dollars.

Grow your set over time

We have many customers who start with a few bowls and come back later to grow their sets – sometimes years later! This is one place where the power of our structured labeling system and extensive database becomes very useful. We maintain a record of each bowl sold so we can go back later and match tones as you grow your set. We keep on file the photos and sound recordings of bowls that were posted on the website which can further aid in the selection process. We can also assemble a set and send it to you over the course of some months if you need that kind of service.

Singing Bowl Sets For Sale Now

We also have pre-assembled sets.


Set Request Questionnaire

Set Request

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