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  • Thick Pedestal with clear art and dark patina. Clear strike tone with overtones in the background. Rim plays nicely with good sustain.

    4 1/4" 1.2 lbs698 HzF 5

    #6837 $350 Details
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  • Tiny Extra thick pedestal with clear artwork. The strike tone quickly fades letting a clear penetrating overtone take center stage.

    3 7/8" .9 lbs774 HzG 5

    #6832 $225 Details
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  • Extra-thick Pedestal / Naga with brassy sheen. High primary note with a single clear 7th octave overtone. Short sustain due to thickness.

    4 3/8" .9 lbs794 HzG 5

    #6830 $325 Details
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  • Extra-thick Pedestal with inscription. Sweet and harmonious starting on a pure C5 that becomes a C#6. Very good sustain. Great rim play

    4 5/8" .9 lbs547 HzC# 5

    #6839 $325 Details
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  • Thick Pedestal / Naga with inscription. High strike tone transitions to the 6th then 7th octave. Premium harmony and rim play. Good sustain

    4" .7 lbs620 HzD# 5

    #6845 $375 Details
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  • Unusual Pedestal / Naga on a tall stand. Rolling primary tone with a bit of a back-up from an overtone early on. Ok sustain and rim play

    4 1/2" .7 lbs472 HzA# 4

    #6846 $295 Details
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