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  • Medium Antique Singing Bowl With Ringer SPECIAL!

    Singing Bowl SPECIALS!

    Let us Select a bowl for you.

    Really nice sounding old bowls from our extensive stock. Your choice of size, style and ringers. A great way to get started with singing bowls.

    #9996 $59.95$159.95 Details
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  • Sale!

    Bright Manipuri with punch circle artwork. Soft soundscape with a low fluttering note. The bowl quiets down quickly. Poor rim play

    5 1/4" .7 lbs282 HzC# 4

    #8706 $110 $99 Details
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  • Large Thadobati with red and green patina. Bright sound with high octave complexity and slowly rolling bass. Good longevity and rim play

    7 1/4" 2.3 lbs226 HzA 3

    #3803 $210 Details
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  • Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with consistent soft deep primary tone

    Simple jambati with dark hammermark patina. Soft deep primary tone with well matched mildly active overtones. Good longevity. Great rim play

    9 1/4" 2.7 lbs97 HzG 2

    #1427 $495 Details
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  • Simple Remuna with original patina. Complex soundscape with a softly pulsing alto strike and steady overtones. Good longevity.

    4 1/4" .7 lbs583 HzD 5

    #2394 $90 Details
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  • Huge extra-thick old Mani with clear but worn art. Fluttering almost pure primary tone. Lots of power, fair longevity. Good rim play

    7 7/8" 4.0 lbs629 HzD# 5

    #6124 $450 Details
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  • Sale! Mid-size Antique Singing Bowl With Ringer SPECIAL!

    Mid-size Bowl SPECIAL!
    Nice sounding old bowls diameter with a leather wrapped ringing stick. Thadobati or Manipuri style.

    5" .8 lbsany

    #9998 $79.95$89.95 Details
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  • Antique singing bowl special

    Bigger Bowl SPECIAL!
    Large deeper toned bowls in the Thadobati or Manipuri style. Nice sounding antiques with a leather wrapped ringing stick and optional mallet.

    7" 1.3 lbs

    #9997 $149.95$159.95 Details
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  • Sale! Antique Unique Singing Bowl with bright penetrating sound

    Unusual trapezoidal bowl with 7 inner circles. Bright penetrating strike tone with a subtle overtone. Excellent sustain

    4 3/4" 1.0 lbs785 HzG 5

    #9818 $550 $499 Details
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  • Thick Pedestal with clear art and dark patina. Clear strike tone with overtones in the background. Rim plays nicely with good sustain.

    4 1/4" 1.2 lbs698 HzF 5

    #6837 $350 Details
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  • High Thado Chakra Set

    7  small bowls, one of each whole note in the fourth octave. Optional higher 8th bowl C in the fifth octave.

    6" 5.0 lbs

    #2ST7 $777 Details
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  • Large circle pattern Thadobati with crushed rim. Very high tone flutter for such a big bowl . Sustain is just ok, rim play very good

    7 3/8" 2.2 lbs319 HzD# 4

    #3859 $325 Details
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  • Very Large Antique Thadobati Ceremonial Lingam Singing Bowl

    Spectacular very large Thadobati Ceremonial bowl with shiny copper/gold lingam. Complex soundscape with central oscillations.

    8 1/8" 3.2 lbs394 HzG 4

    #3069 $3,600 Details
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  • Unique short walled bowl from Northern India with quite a bit of artwork. Unusual and complex accidental soundscape with many steady tones

    8 1/2" 2.2 lbs221 HzA 3

    #9807 $575 Details
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  • Well Preserved Extra Thick Antique Manipuri Lingam Singing Bowl

    Extra thick Manipuri Lingam with beautiful clear artwork. Fluttering strike and overtone not strong on coherence. OK Sustain and wood play.

    5 3/4" .9 lbs345 HzF 4

    #6720 $475 Details
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  • 12  Piece Sequential Antique Manipuri Singing bowl Set

    Manipuri Set of 12

    Hand assembled set of Manipuri bowls chosen to span a range of notes and sound great together.

    6" 5.0 lbs

    #S18 $1,200 Details
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  • Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with solidly pulsing strike tone

    Tiny Thadobati with multi-colored patina. Pulsing strike tone with singing overtones. Very nice tonal balance. Ok sustain, rough stick play.

    4 1/4" .8 lbs544 HzC# 5

    #5015 $95 Details
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  • Adorned Manipuri with 5 pointed star design. Complex and coherent soundscape with different notes that flutter and pulse. Good longevity

    6 1/8" 1.0 lbs244 HzB 3

    #8745 $150 Details
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  • Large Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl with sequentially unfolding tones

    Big heavy Manipuri with substantial artwork. Sequentially unfolding tones with excellent harmonic balance. Very good sustain and stick play.

    8 1/8" 1.7 lbs203 HzG# 3

    #8336 $795 Details
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  • Extra-thick very large Thadobati with patina. Harmonic soundscape that can play the primary or overtones. Excellent sustain and rim play

    8" 3.4 lbs285 HzC# 4

    #3588 $1,200 Details
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  • Rare Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with high fluttering tone.

    Rare heavy old style bowl Jambati with golden patina. Unusually high 300 Hz 4th octave strike tone. Subtle overtimes compliment the sound.

    9 3/4" 3.0 lbs302 HzD 4

    #1227 $995 Details
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  • Antique Jambati Singing Bowl with deeply pulsing primary tone

    Adorned Jambati with relief artwork and inscription. Powerful pulsing bass with soft overtones. Sustain is very good. Ok leather stick play

    10 7/8" 3.6 lbs157 HzD# 3

    #1291 $650 Details
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  • Extra large extra thick Mani with clear extensive artwork. Pure soundscape with a rapid flutter. Sustain is excellent. Good rim play

    7 1/2" 3.1 lbs607 HzD# 5

    #6126 $495 Details
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  • Finely Crafted Rare Antique Singing Bowl that rings in place

    Finely crafted heavy unique bowl with prominent markings and a raised center with thick worn circles. Solid soundscape.

    8 3/8" 3.3 lbs286 HzD 4

    #9801 $850 Details
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