Singing Bowl Concert

This half hour video of singing bowls being played was filmed in Santa Cruz, California by the local community television station. The video was edited down from an original 90 minutes of play and talk time. Good portions of the video are simply the sounds of the bowls so you can sit back and enjoy the profound Himalayan sounds. There are also some sections with me talking and answering questions from the audience.

Singing Bowl Playing Techniques

Notice the use of different mallets with different bowls. You can hear how different mallets can change the sound of a single bowl and also see how bowl types are better rung with some mallets than others. If you are going to play a large number of bowls at once long handle mallets are a must. I just love how exact you can get using the Musser professional mallets. You will also see different ringing stick techniques, bowls being played with both leather and wood. Most of the stick play is fully around the rim though there is some footage of the back and forth technique with Mani bowls.

Concert Set

I have put together many singing bowl concert sets over the years. This particular singing bowl set consisted of 144 bowls with groups of all the major types arranged in tone sequence with relatively regular sonic intervals. This was a commercial set assembled specifically for concerts. By commercial I mean for sale. The entire set went to one buyer who now has one of the best matched collections of antique singing bowls in the US.

  • The Singing Bowls Experience

Antique Singing Bowl Sets For Sale

If you are interested in a large high quality set please contact me. Drawing on my concert experience I have experience putting together a number of great sounding singing bowl assemblages. Sometimes I have sets in stock in the US, other times I assemble them in Asia based on pre-orders. When I put together a set I spend many hours on labeling. I do not put together a monolithic set but a series of groupings that can be played individually or together. I also label bowls for relationship.

There are a number of sets on the website now, unique groupings by style. Sets are priced lower than the cost of buying bowls individually. I can also make custom sets sometimes from stock on hand and sometimes as part of a buying trip to Asia.

See sets currently for sale

You can also assemble individual bowls into a set using the compare feature. Use the Compare feature to select bowls and ring them as a group.

Make Your Own Set


Thadobati Spiral Set recording with spiral layout


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